Project Management and Oversight

ASAP Project believes no one software solution fits all businesses. We’re determined to find, compare, and select the solution that is the most appropriate for your business. You will be working with a team who understands your needs, focusing on your digital transformation success.

Software Project Oversight

Because we understand that software implementation project can be both time-consuming and attention-demanding, we are ready to dedicate our focus on your behalf to see through that your selected software is successfully implemented. Concentrating on results, time, and investment, we act as your project manager to push the project according to set milestones with documents backing up in every move to prevent any future conflicts. You would be regularly updated on the project status via all means.

Documentation & Project Tracking

During an implementation project, verbal communication or agreement without written document between your team and the software vendor’s implementation team can lead to misunderstanding and sometimes even serious lawsuit. We give great emphasis on detailed documentation for all significant decisions made during the project, making sure that all parties are on the same page and receive the same information in the timely manner, e.g. meeting minutes, decision conclusion, and training and service agenda.

Project Updates

You would not miss any details or updates on your project between your team and the vendor. We will keep you on the front page via meeting minutes, weekly updates, emails, and phone calls. Choose your preferred channel of communication.

Project Implementation Planning

Implementation is said to be one of the most crucial processes in software adoption. For local vendor, we would be your project supervisor, ensuring all the steps are going according to plan. We help communicating between your users and the vendor’s programmer team, transforming technical terms to comprehensive words. For foreign vendors, we collaborate with them from the planning stage throughout trainings, just like it is our own project. Of course, language is not a problem.

Training and Support

We see the project through to the training sessions: collaborating for training schedules, results tracking, and creating an easy-to-digest version of the user manual. All for your users team to get started with the new software as smoothly as possible. After go-live, we also standby as your support via email, chat, or phone call.

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