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ASAP Project believes no one software solution fits all businesses. We’re determined to find, compare, and select the solution that is the most appropriate for your business. You will be working with a team who understands your needs, focusing on your digital transformation success.

Doing your accounting correctly is one of the most important foundations of operating a business. Hence, choosing the right back-office software could affect the success of your management.

The back-office software ranges from a small accounting software to a full-featured ERP system. It can be divided into 3 tiers including:
Tier 1: A small accounting software with limited features, covering a specific scope of work

Tier 2: A mid-sized ERP system comprising of core modules such as sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting and finance, bank, cheque, tax, etc. It might be lacking some other modules which can be integrated with other software solutions instead.

Tier 3: A full-functioned ERP with a complete set of both front- and back-office modules. Pricing starts from 1 million Baht and above.

Before jumping to conclusion, ASAP Project urges you to consider a short list of some popular features below to see whether these are indeed your requirements.

Purchase or Accounts Payable System
Handle all procurement process from a Purchase Request to Receipt, with an approval process feature.
A Purchase Request or Purchase Order can be used to track projects or other details for meaningful reports.
Might have a Purchase Tender to compare pricing from multiple vendors.
A detailed Payable Aging report, helping users to see the overdue and upcoming payments.
Purchase history report, listing all past transactions with the vendors and allowing comparison between them.
A Bill of Quantity or BOQ is quite specific to a construction or real estate industries. This document is only included in an industry-specific ERP.
Sales or Accounts Receivable System
Set sales target by salesperson and divide sales territory
Credit allowance per customer and approval process
Discount, special pricing by customer or customer group
Sales analysis report by period of time, by salesperson, by customer, etc.
Receivable Aging report that helps collect payments from customers
Project- or department-based budget control
Control budget by main and sub-account ledgers.
Approval process (multiple layers and approvers)
Control budget at the PR or PO
Accounting and Finance System
Financial statements and other basic financial reports
Print forms or reports required by the Revenue Department and submit the forms online
Profit and Loss analysis report
Flexible bookkeeping and customizable voucher layouts.
Inventory Management System
Support complicated inventory types such as those with batch and lot, serial number tracking, and expiry date tracking.
Products with multiple and complicated units
Manufacturing System
Bill of Materials (BOM) for manufacturing goods
Need to recognize the quantity and cost of goods in each stage of manufacturing
Additional costs and waste acknowledgement
The above features are what you need to at least cover when considering a new ERP purchase. If they are too advanced for you, a small accounting application might suffice your requirements. If they fit your demands, then go for a mid-sized or a full-system ERP.

When choosing a software, take into consideration your own conditions and work flow and match them with the software. Too little attention to details might waste 70% of your money.

If you think looking for an ERP or accounting software is too overwhelming for you due to limited time and resources, let ASAP Project help you quickly find the right match in the aspects of features, service, and investment.

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Accounting & ERP