Cloud Workspace

ASAP Project believes no one software solution fits all businesses. We’re determined to find, compare, and select the solution that is the most appropriate for your business. You will be working with a team who understands your needs, focusing on your digital transformation success.

Are you familiar with these problems: document piles on the table, sending files back and forth and losing track of the latest versions, having to come in to the office during weekends to quickly finish a paper, or having to pop in office despite constantly on the move just to generate a document? If you are, ASAP Project encourages you to move your local shared drive to a Cloud storage where you can access anytime, anywhere to:

Collaborate and follow up on work and even generate a performance report
Keep documents on cloud, ready for access via internet
Search database quickly with new technology in file keeping
Robust security with detailed permission control
Which cloud platform would suit you best? Which package or plan would be the best deal? Which vendor is best? These questions are just the beginning; the real challenges would be the actual migration, policy setting, and change management to slowly transform users’ behaviors. Some vendors might not include this kind of service in the package and you might have to go through it yourself.

Or you don’t have to because ASAP Project has experiences that could help you select the right cloud platform and migrate both your files and your users there. New experience is waiting for you in the cloud.

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Cloud Workspace
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Cloud Workspace
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