Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ASAP Project believes no one software solution fits all businesses. We’re determined to find, compare, and select the solution that is the most appropriate for your business. You will be working with a team who understands your needs, focusing on your digital transformation success.

Everybody would need a CRM at one point of the business. In terms of software, a CRM is a system that keeps all your customers’ lifetime data, not only addresses and contacts, but all the events that happened throughout the time you have known them.

A CRM is a great tool to manage all your sales team members, helping them to collaborate, communicate, record ongoing updates, and looking up resources necessary to carry out the sales process.

For owners, CRM would provide not only the operational reports, but a real-time dashboard of all customer-related information.

A good CRM would at least possess these features:
Detailed customer database
Sales pipeline management
Lead management
Deal or opportunity management
Contact management
Sales assignment and approval process
Document creation such as quotation, sales order, and invoice
Sales reports and dashboard
Some CRMs have advanced features to enhance and complete the sales process:
Calendar for team
Integration to marketing platforms and website
Mass emailing and tracking
Workflow automation

So why not aiming for the most advanced CRM?

Well, it could cost you a lot than you might have expected if your team is not that big. But having a CRM that is just a little bit better than Excel does not help you either. Searching among all the increasing CRM alternatives in the market could be quite a challenge.

If you are in a press for time or lack the lead to a CRM project for you, why don’t you leave this to us?

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