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Manufacturing process usually come with details and complications, hence a need for a manufacturing software to help manage from raw material procurement to finished goods delivery. The basic features could include:

Bills of Material (BOM) specifying the raw materials and quantity consumed to produce an output
Material Resources Planning (MRP) feature to help gauge the inventory level necessary for production and manage re-ordering process.
Warehouse or store management to see inventory balances and their statuses
Order Management for effective raw-material procurement
Manufacturing Executive System (MES) to track and record manufacturing performances during real production activities
Quality Control (QC) module to recognize qualified outputs and wastes
LOT Traceability to track the raw materials, their manufacturers, and the costs specific to a certain lot.
Some manufacturing management software might also include advanced features like:
Production Planning & Scheduling to help plan your manufacturing project to optimize the use of your machine and labor resources. Scheduling would be more refined than Planning; it could tell you when an order will be finished in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
Shop Floor Control helps you inspect the performance of machines and labors during production, allowing you to make timely adjustments.
Financial reports to help you estimate the costs and profits for each order
Goods delivery management feature for outgoing finished goods and incoming raw materials, or use integration with other TMS solutions.
There are indeed a lot of issues to consider when it comes to a manufacturing software. If you think finding the right solution seems too challenging for you due to limited time and resources, let ASAP Project help you quickly find the right match in the aspects of features, service, and investment.

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