Point of Sales

ASAP Project believes no one software solution fits all businesses. We’re determined to find, compare, and select the solution that is the most appropriate for your business. You will be working with a team who understands your needs, focusing on your digital transformation success.

Are you looking to open a new restaurant, a cafe, or a fashion retail shop? You’ll need a system to mainly handle your front of house operations as well as supplementing you with sufficient data to make decisions.

Point of Sales or POS is a type of software that basically helps you…
Manage and record your sales (in the case that payment is immediately received in return of the product)
Manage your inventory in multiple stores and branches
Take order from your clients
Manage tables in your restaurant or cafe
Manage order queueing in the kitchen
Providing insightful management reports
An advanced POS for larger establishments comes with more powerful features such as:
Bill of Materials (BOM) to set up the cost and ingredients of the menu
Procurement module to handle your purchasing process
Employee management to inspect the clock-in/out time in each shift
The number of Point of Sale applications is constantly on the rise. The more recent applications are easier to use, built with beautiful user interface, and are deployed on both web browser and mobile. At the same time, the conventional ones are more robust, complicated, and flexible. Your project may need a different solution from that of those who operate similar businesses to you.

Let us help you find the POS that best fits your business today.

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